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The Story of a lonely Squid


. . . Once upon a time, at the bottom of the deep blue sea, there lived a lonely squid. He was a bit of an oddball, with a unique taste in culture, music and art, not to mention a penchant for terrible jokes. He knew that he was not like the other sea creatures!

. . .One night, while he was out for a night walk, a higher being appeared to him. "You are not alone, my child," it said. "Go to the place where the three stars meet and you will find your purpose of life." Curious, he set out to find that place. He walked through the darkest depths of the ocean, dodging dangerous creatures and navigating treacherous currents. But he finally arrived at the place where the three stars met. There, he discovered a mysterious secret that would change his life forever!

. . .According to the Legend he found, he was determined to share this secret with others like him. So he set out to build an impressive pyramid-shaped structure. He worked tirelessly for years, using his own ink to etch intricate designs and patterns into the walls.

Finally, the pyramid was complete! He sent out invitations far and wide, inviting all like-minded squids to join him in the pyramid for a grand celebration.


. . .The day of the celebration arrived, and squids from all over the ocean gathered at the pyramid. They shared culture, music and art and had a great time together, but the most exciting thing was the secret that he kept warning them about. 

. . .After the reveal, every Squid now knew why they are different in comparision to the other sea creatures. To protect this secret, the brotherhood "The Tentacle Brothers" was founded. Each Tentacle Brother had to attend a ceremony and take an oath to protect the secret at all costs.

. . .Since then, the Tentacle Lodge has been a sacred place for the Brotherhood, where they meet regularly to share their talents, exchange culture, and of course, tell terrible jokes. The Tentacle Brothers lived happily ever after, always keeping the secret safe and having a great time together.

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