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tenta labs - metaverse solutions

create a metaverse for your business

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bring your vision to life

upgrade your business to the metaverse

Welcome to Tenta Labs. We offering a wide range of metaverse solutions. From the creation of virtual experiences to the hosting of immersive events, our services add value to any business.

  • Build your Metaverse from scratch

  • Interact with your community within immersive events

  • Cross plattform and browser based

  • Upgrade your E-Commerce 

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innovative features

Benefit from

Visit our Demo world

explore the tentaverse 

The Tentaverse is our own Metaverse and is a good example of what a custom world for you could look like. We created this as a multifunctional platform for gamers, artists and our community!

  • Solve quests and win prizes

  • Rent a room & showcase art or NFTs

  • Take part or host your own event

  • Get unique avatars and items 



What is a metaverse?

Wherever the real world merges with virtual content, the Metaverse opens its doors. It is offering businesses, brands and games unique opportunities for engagement and innovation:

  • The Metaverse is shaping the evolution
    Web 3.0.

  • Comprised of 3D, Augmented Reality
    and VR content.

  • Everyone can create their own Metaverse;
    THERE IS no single Metaverse.

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Our road to web3

NFT Collections

Our initial step into the web3 landscape began with creating an NFT collection that merges art and community seamlessly. Through this experience, we delved deep into understanding how NFTs, blockchain, and communities intertwine and rely on each other.

Check out

Tentacle Brothers

in progress...

Tentacle sisters



in progress...

one of ones




about us

meet the team

We are a young team of engineers and developers from germany. We see a lot of potential in integrating businesses to the metaverse and web3. Many things be simplified and bringing uses closer to the brand. 

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Founder and creative Mind of Tenta Labs. 

"Metaverses have no limits!
You can almost create anything you want - that's what I like the most about it"

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Co-Founder, Developer and IT-specialist.

"The Metaverse is giving games more utility to players - that's a key to crossplattform usability!"

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