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We specialize in creating cross-platform metaverse solutions that deliver exceptional quality in design, functionality and engagement! 

Custom 3d worlds

We specialize in crafting custom 3D worlds from scratch that perfectly align with your brand and vision. The only limit is your imagination!

virtual showrooms

Imagine seamlessly hosting events, conducting meetings, fostering collaboration, and showcasing products - all within a virtual showroom.


  • Collaboration and Networking ​

  • Dynamic Stages

  • Custom Shops


Incorporating gamification enhances the user experience within your virtual world. By implementing quests, offering rewards, enabling coin collection, and facilitating interactions with NPCs, we create an ultimate experience for your visitors.

easy to use

Our virtual worlds are web-based, meaning anyone can easily join through their browser.
Additionally, it's possible to play from mobile devices by downloading the App!

live events

Live events ignite excitement and have the power to boost communities. Whether it's collaboration sessions, networking opportunities, product launches, or even parties with DJs, our virtual worlds provide the perfect platform for hosting unforgettable experiences.

blockchain integration

Display your NFTs in a virtual gallery or token-gate your world, requiring visitors to owning a specific NFT for entry! 

Screenshot 2024-03-12 172948.png

text, Voice & video chat

Connect and meet with new people via the chat, voice or video options.

two people are talking to each other within the metaverse.jpg

custom avatars

We specialize in crafting custom avatars tailored to your brand or vision. Visitors can purchase these bespoke avatars directly from our integrated shop, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience


Your virtual world allows people from all over the world join and meeting each other. Perfect for hosting events and showcasing your brand to a global audience

Web integration

Utilize our web integration feature to seamlessly connect your website or shop to your metaverse. With interactive buttons or frames, your customers can effortlessly navigate to your website directly from the metaverse.

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