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Our Tentaverse gives you a sense of what we can create for you 

solve the mystery of the tentaverse

are you the one?

The Tentaverse is a mystical underwater world guarded by the Tentacle Brothers. An ancient cult of squids. Legend has it that they hide a great secret.
Are you the one to solve this mystery and win a great prize?

rent a room and
show off your art

Musee de la tentacle

Discover our Art Museum where artists can rent exclusive rooms to showcase their masterpieces to thousands of visitors. Not only can guests admire your art, but they'll also be seamlessly linked to your site for purchasing!
Each room is uniquely designed and offers 20-30 frames to display your art or NFTs.

exclusive events

visit or host

Exclusive events like parties, networking sessions, and art panels are a regular occurrence.
You're also welcome to host your own events! Choose from our range of venues including an auditorium, club stage, or gallery to create memorable experiences for your community. Event hosting prices vary based on complexity and duration

tenta club

share your music

Visit wild parties in the Tenta Club or hear new music from DJ's and musician from all over the world! If you are a music artist you can host your own event for your community. We give you the stage! 

avatars and items 


Make sure to explore our Shop! Discover unique avatars that add excitement to your experience. With no limits, you can even use them across other spaces!
Payment options include real currency or Tenta Coins, which you can collect within the world

Have fun!

the most important

Collect Gems and earn Tenta Coins as you explore the wonders of the Tentaverse. Dive into the beauty, uncover secrets, and enjoy quality time with friends along the way.

Rent a rom
Create anevent
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