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Showcase your art

Renting a room at our "Musee de la Tentacle" comes with numerous perks. You'll have the ability to showcase 20 to 30 artworks or NFTs, amplifying your visibility to thousands of visitors. Additionally, we'll provide a direct link to your sales site or social media channels, enhancing your online presence.

As an added bonus, we'll feature a tweet about your project on our official account, further promoting your work to our audience


All rooms offer the same value. You will get one room that is available. If more than one is available, you can choose your favorite. Just visit our Tentaverse to see how the rooms are looking like or which room do you prefer the most! 


20-30 artworks or NFTS

Increase sales

Get a post on Twitter


Choose your package and fill out the form below to book your room. We will check if your room is available and contact you afterwards.




Rent a room for 1 month

One time payment

Best value




Rent a room for 2 months

One time payment




Rent a room for 3 months

One time payment

Room Rental Order

Fill out the following form and rent your room. We check if your room is available and contact you! 


Thanks for your order!

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