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TENtacle Brother?

Are you ready to become a

Meet the Tentacle Brothers, a brotherhood of squids that love art, culture and good music. They also are known for guarding ancient mysteries in their lodge! 

Each NFT is one-of-a kind, packed with personality and secrets to discover. Holding a Tentacle Brother will give you ultimate long-term utilities!

Price: 2 Matic (Polygon)

By Minting our NFTs you accept our Terms and Conditions!

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Supply: 3690

Blockchain: Polygon
Phase 1: Sold out

Phase 2: Price 2 Matic

Holder Benefits

what to do with my nfts



1. How to mint?

Click on the Mint Page Buttom. Then you will get to the launch plattform (Launch my NFT). There you can connect your wallet and mint your NFT. 

2. Prepare your wallet!

To mint your Tentacle Brother NFT you need a wallet where you can buy with Matic (Polygon network) like Meta Mask. 
The gas prices on Polygon are almost zero! But it's always better to have 0.5 Matic more in your wallet than the actual price!

3. Where's my nft?

If you can't find your NFT in your wallet after purchasing, go to our "Tentacle Brothers" collection on OpenSea. There you can see your NFT. If you want to transfer it to your wallet, simply copy the contract address and the token ID (number of the NFT for example 5) and paste it into the appropriate fields on MetaMask!

Do's and DON'ts

CC BY-nc-nd license

For our NFT collection we use the CC BY-NC-ND license. We have summarized the most important things in the text below. Please also read our terms and conditions!

The CC BY-NC-ND license allows others to use and resell your NFT as long as the NFT remains unaltered and proper attribution is given to the original creator. The license prohibits the use of the NFT for commercial purposes such as marketing and advertising. However, it does allow you to use the NFT on social media without modifying the NFT.


  1. Collect and cherish our NFTs like precious gems.

  2. Share your NFTs on social media, use it as a PFP to show off your amazing taste and        spread the joy to the world

  3. Feel free to resell our NFTs to fellow enthusiasts, because sharing is caring!

  4. Enjoy your amazing Benefits and Use Cases!


  1. Modifying our NFTs is a big no-no. They're perfect just the way they are.

  2. Keep the NFTs away from any commercial campaigns. No marketing tricks or advertising stunts, please!

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